Love, that’s what I want my children to remember of their childhood. Simplicity, that’s what I want them to know as a way of life. Life is what WE make of it. So many people make it SO complicated! I want to appreciate the natural beauty of this world, to look at my blessings and to be content.


Coming out of school, I used to dream of that “perfect life”. The huge house, picture perfect family, new cars and always looking polished.  I am part of a gluttonous and lustful generation. We are gorging on material things, social media, other people and accumulating lots and lots of JUNK! We want, and we get, no matter the cost or future consequences. I admit, it IS nice, to see my accomplishments in property, material things, better quality of food, going to parties, etc. But somewhere, IN that life, we can forget what TRUE happiness is.  Somewhere, we quit looking for the REAL beauty.  Real Beauty, which essentially cost us nothing! We are a generation that has been fooled. Our lust for things that glitters has turned us into slaves of the world. We work jobs we don’t like to pay for many things we don’t need. We spend more time with co-workers than our own families. We waste SO MUCH of our lives living that way.  That is NOT how I will live.


I am blessed to have a husband who is a wonderful provider, always sacrificing for the sake of our family. Shortly after we had our 2nd child, it was more economical for me to stay home and raise our children vs driving to work and paying someone else to watch them. So, we struggled for a little while, learning how to balance our income requirements with one check. Now, with another baby in that equation, we are better off than we were when I worked full time.  I am so glad that I can stay at home and raise our children. I don’t think that I could have any better calling.  I am truly passionate about enjoying all of our moments together and teaching our girls about the “REAL” things in life. Raising them to LOVE The Lord, one other, other people, nature, and to appreciate Simplicity.  The world our children know, is the world WE give them.  I want my children to have a world based in Love, Beauty and again, Simplicity. To have a good foundation in life before they learn what is actually outside of the “Haven” we make for them.


So what do I think is in this “perfect, simple life”?  Its all very simple really.  Like sitting under the big oak tree outside, watching my girls explore and play.  They have an incredible ability to be amazed at the world they live in. I love listening to the Thunder and watching the rain come across the hay field. Listening to good music on the radio and having an impromptu dance floor emerge “out” of the living room floor. Having a good meal at the table with people I love most, whether its on fine china or paper plates, wine glasses or Solo cups. Holding hands with my Husband or children, cherishing those little moments, because I never know when its the last.  Seeing the wonder in my girls eyes when they learn something new and hearing “I love you Mama”.  These are some of my favorite things.  Simplicity.  Sometimes, its not as easy to live this way as it should be.  But it is always, Simply Wonderful!


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