I dont know why, but anytime someone call and asks me “Whatcha doin?” I reply “nothin”.   I mean, I have 3 kids under the age of 5, yet I still reply “Nothin”?!  It all goes back to the mindset that people don’t want to hear what you are ACTUALLY doing. Its just a casual entryway into conversation.  I’m not a “beat around the bush” person, so instead of actually “wasting” someones time for 15 minutes, telling them what I have REALLY been doing all day, I simply say “Nothing” so that they can get on with what they called me for.  So, I figured, what DO I DO all day long?? I decided to take a little diary of my “Nothing Days” and here is what I got!

Sourdough Bread Rising


Got a great deal on Organic Mushrooms. Now, to store them by Dehydrating.
Making Apple Cider Vinegar
Making Sauerkraut
Mama’s helper
Snack Time
Eat whatcha Can and Can whatcha Cant!
Spaghetti Squash “Veggie” Spaghetti!!
Toddlers are RELENTLESS in getting into things!! Hence the cleaned out drawers, placed nicely on the floor!
A little after-school dip in the river

I guess this post is to just help me say to myself, “Dear, you do more than ‘nothing’.”.

3 thoughts

  1. I love it!! Your pantry is amazing & that you dehydrate mushrooms & do all these homesteading chores while being a MOM…I want to be like you!!


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