I am a Fall person! I love love LOVE Fall! I love the decorations with Pumpkins and Mums, Apples and Happy Harvest, Acorns and Scarecrows. I do NOT so much care for Halloween. But ya know what? My kids DO! And quite frankly, I remember looking forward to Halloween! Pumpkin Carving, Costume wearing and ooooohhhh the CANDY! Its NO different with my girls. So what do we do? We Halloween! We Trunk or Treat, we party at School and we eat Candy. Lots and lots of junky candy until we are sick!. Ahhh, Happy Halloween!

DSCN3446 (2)
Witches riding

The girls spotted out some awesome Witch Hats from Michaels this year (and some matching socks), and I was able to snatch em up with a 60% off sale! That was all the buying we needed, it was time to create!  We had some dresses to throw on with the hats, and boots of course to go with. Daddy’s tie even got wrapped up in the festivities! But what we WERE missing, to make the costume complete, were BROOMSTICKS! Now I DO have a few broomsticks lying around…that DO happen to get used every once and a while, but I really wanted to get them involved with the costume.


Born to Ride
This is her “Mean Witch Face”

The day of the Trick or Treat at the School, I told the girls that we were going home to make us some Broomsticks.  Wymberly was SO EXCITED! She asked me in a high pitched voice “ARE THEY GONNA BE REALLY REAL?!?!” …I responded “Of course they will be real!”, followed by several squeals of delight. …It wasnt until later that I realized that she actually thought they would get to FLY them….

DSCN3432 (2)
Baby Witch

So, I got the girls home and off we went, wagon in tow (with 3 mini-mes who were SUPPOSED to be WALKING) in search of Broomstick material. We picked up 3 tobacco sticks, a bundle of twine, Outdoor Clippers and found us a good ol patch of Swamp grass (or whatever kind of reed or grass it is). Now, I am PREEEETTY SUUUURE we are allergic to this stuff, but Hey! What says Happy Creativity like Sneezing in 7 ft tall Swamp Grass?! We clipped and clipped, twined and twined. Clipped and clipped, twined and twined. AND clipped and clipped and twined and twined, until we had 3 little Broomsticks! Waverly and Wymberly carried on such cute little conversations with me and Wyndal frequently joined in with much inaudible sentences. It was one of those “Ahhhh, let me remember this” moments.  Waverly has become such the little “leader duck” (well, actually she always has been, but its much more Grown-y now) and helped me in the clipping of reed-tops.  We had so much fun in making these Broomsticks, that I completely lost track of time. We then rushed through getting dressed, make up and pictures and I was a complete hot mess by the time we got to the school.


The girls loved their Broomsticks SO MUCH, that I, yes I, carried all THREE broomsticks the whole time….siiigh.  However, we did leave them behind for the hayride in fear of causing all other riders sudden Hayfever (..on top of the “Hay” fever…hehehe).

DSCN3435 (2)
3 little Witches

Next up, Halloween PARTIES!!!  Now, I have always let the girls help me in the kitchen.  Mainly because it was just easier, setting them up on the counter top in order to keep them in one spot as I prepared and cooked dinner. But also, in hopes that they will be passionate about the food that they prepare for themselves and others, as they get older.  I grew up watching and helping my Mother and Grandmother in the kitchen, and although I’m pretty sure they may’ve enjoyed my dish washing better than my “helping”, it left an impression on me.  Now, an older mind, full of fond memories in the kitchen, AND with a deeper appreciation of how much extra work little girls are when they “Help”.  More “experienced” people often pass on the little sentiment “They wont be little long”, and Lord am I really seeing that.  These little humans grow SO FAST! And by golly, if I have ANY nerves left by the time of day that I am in the Kitchen (which varies from day to day), if they want to help, I’ll do my best to let them.

Snack bags. Mummy Cookies. Monster Rice Crispies. Witches Broomsticks. Witches Hats and Goody Bags.

While Wyndal was asleep, we got the girl’s party stuff made and ate lots of “extras”.  Phew, I’m tired. These kids are alot of work….. I think its time to let them run around the house until the sugar rush levels out….

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