Its PARTY TIME! ….And that comes around quite a bit more often with 3 little girls running around!  These Birthdays just keep coming faster and my little babies are growing growing GROWING!  Little Miss Wyndal Gail turned Two this week, and we threw her a “Tea for TWO” (THANKYOU Pinterest!) Birthday Party! It was such fun!  All the little girls were just soooo adorable in their little dresses and sipping on those teacups! We even had a couple of Southern Gents join us for the party!


For the menu, I tried to stick to a “traditonal English Tea”-type menu.  Egg salad sandwiches, Cucumber on sourdough, Apple Pie bites, Sausage pastry bites, Crab pastry bites, Mac-n-cheese bites and an assortment of European Cookies.  Since we do live in Southern Georgia, the main Tea was Sweet iced Tea. However, we also had Hot Tea with cream and sugar.  The Birthday Cake was a Rose and Lemon cake, decorated with dried Organic Rose petals right from our farm.

I really enjoyed this theme, and hope that more tea parties are in our future!

Along with Birthdays, come PICTURES! Another thing that I love doing with the girls! I’ve had people ask me “How do you get such good pictures?” The answer is very simple. Take LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of pictures. Just keep clicking, and HOPEFULLY you’ll capture a few good ones!  Here is a glimpse of our “Tea for TWO” photo sesh this foggy morning!


3 thoughts

  1. The party was characterized by frequent shouts and squeals of laughter, the sound of small feet flying over the grass, and a couple of options (when — accidentally tipped Paisley over in the kiddy car!) He looked so mortified. 😞 But I do believe we all wnjoyed it!

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  2. I love that you can spend so much time on special events with your girls. Makes me wish I could start over and do it all again. 🙂 You are giving me some great ideas for when I have grandchildren.

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