Its not every Day that we get snow down here in South Georgia, not even once a year.  In fact, the last time it snowed like this was in 1989!  I’m 31 years old, I’ve seen a few stray snow flurries and loads of pictures of “Winter Wonderlands” But man! It was breathtaking!  The anticipation level in our house was brimming over the top. I’d say it matched the level of Christmas Eve, waiting on Santa Clause!  We’ve done all we could to have the BEST Snow Day EVER!

The Day started with Rain and sleet, then without any proclamation, it turned into big fluffy snowflakes!  We layered on clothes and bundled up tight, running to the door to see God’s handiwork.  Carefully walking down the steps, and then running and laughing with glee.  Now, reflecting back on the day, its went by so fast.  We went “Dashing through the snow” in Daddy’s big 4×4, sledding down the hill in a Wok, building a snowman, snowball fights and finishing off with Hot Cocoa. A day to remember, a day to cherish, a day full of giggles and little red noses.

Here’s a photo journal of our magical Snow Day.

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