Dukes Creek at the Raven Cliff Falls trailhead Chattahoochee National Forest. Dirt Road Wildflowers.  Barefoot in Dukes Creek.
Sisters are memories of childhood that can never be forgotten

So, we are a nature loving family.  My husband and I are very intent on getting our girls OUT of the house and into the world God created us for.  We love basking in Gods handiwork and being in awe of how awesome his world is! We love to see his creatures in their natural states and being able to live a happy life along and beside mankind.

In our fast paced, smart screened-filled world, it can be very hard to “Disconnect”.  Yet study upon study is now providing evidence that doing JUST THAT can help kids and adults reduce their anxiety levels.   A recent trend going around is called “Grounding” or “Earthing”.  Its where you get into contact with the earth, whether with your bare feet or hands in the sand.  This is also showing scientific evidence of  improving health, look it up!  Now, this walking around barefooted and playing in the dirt is nothing new.  My Mom has always been “grounded” so to speak and passed on her passion of bare-footing-it to me.  My husband jokes about me having “Peasant Feet” all the time, because usually, my feet are dirty.  Combine that with the sun tan and they can look pretty bad most days.  His are almost always clean and spotless, with a distinct tan line above his very white feet.  Luckily, our girls have picked up the passion for going barefooted through the yard as well, except during that pesky “sticker-weed” season when we are forced into wearing flip flops.

Most of our “Adventures” center around getting out into the forest or exploring areas not heavily influenced by people.  While that does entail dangers, it has such wonderful lessons for the Soul.

So, let me encourage you with a quote I recently fell in love with:

View from West Overlook Trail, Fort Mountain State Park. Dirt Road Wildflowers
View from West Overlook Trail, Fort Mountain State Park


Go out, go out I beg of you And taste the beauty of the wild. Behold the miracle of the earth With all the wonder of a child. ~ Edna Jaques


Fort Mountain State Park, GA.  Hiking with Littles. Dirt Road Wildflowers.
My view from West Overlook Trail, Fort Mountain State Park


And what better way to enjoy the earth with all the wonder of a child, than to go out with your own children!


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  1. Love the blog. Love you, my sweet niece and three beautiful great nieces. Love your husband as well. Love that y’all get out and take those sweet girls sight seeing whenever you can.

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