20180417_145707 (2)I know this may come as a surprise, but there is this magical creature that kids are FASCINATED with.  It. Is. Called. Aaaaaaa…….UNICORN.  I know I know, its crazy, but my girls are OBSESSED!  We recently had a reason to be in Savannah, GA and made our way down to Riverstreet for the afternoon.  Savannah is SUCH a beautiful city.  Live Oaks drape over the busy roadways, waving their grey Spanish Moss at passerby’s, reminiscent of a lady waving her handkerchief at a departing loved one.  Cobble stoned streets take you back to the romanticized version of our past and green Parks allow you to think that there is NOTHING so important as sitting on that bench with an Ice Cream and enjoying the wind caressing your face.  Locally owned shops are crammed into the bustling postcard historic district.  You can FEEL the owners aura when you walk into their store, a type of image of who they really are as a person. I’m sure there is crime, but I never got a glimpse of it on our visit.  We felt pretty safe to let the girls run around, giggling and pointing at boats going up and down the River.


We had a nice lunch and then made our way down to our main attraction, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Oooohhh, the smells coming from doorway takes you back to your own childhood. So much candy and not only candy but Ice Cream, Taffy making and Praline Demos, free samples, Vintage type Colas and a train on an elevated track!  Truly a child’s dream come true! All of this can overwhelm a child on picking just one (or two) thing(s), but what we FIRST saw when we walked in the door was the epitome of their Dreams.  A Unicorn. Candy. APPLE (not that THEY knew it was an apple)! You heard me right!  Something only a genius with the children’s sole interest could provide (And not about the hoards of money that comes along with it)!


The awe and light that went into their eyes was contagious! Their tiny noses and fingers were pressed up against the (fingerproof) glass, with lots of “Oooooohhhss and Aaaaahhhs”.  No matter what else we looked at, or the awesomeness of it, it didn’t add up to those Unicorns! So, we agreed that what they would get was a Unicorn.  I mean, its not everyday you can BUY a UNICORN!  So back to the Candy Apple making station we went, with 3 excited little girls. But when we asked the cashier about those magical beings, we were told that those were for display only and that today was the FIRST time they had ever made them! A test run from someones imagination, and that they weren’t for sale.  Oh my…. Thunder and Darkness crept into that shop, I mean our faces, Raindrops started to fall, when all of the sudden, the Candy Apple lady said “I will ask, I just made them, I’m sure we can sell them”.   So for a few sad sing along song moments, we waited. Waiting and hanging on to the moment we would hear back from the Magic holding Candy Apple Lady.  Then all of the sudden, breaking through the crowd of people, she came with the manager who proudly exclaimed “PICK YOUR UNICORN!”  Oooooh how the Sunshine came back with Rainbows and sparkling glittery white clouds.  You would have thought they paid OUR girls to walk out of that shop by the look of them.  Proud puffed out chests, with the prettiest, first sold, Unicorn in that Candy bag.  I mean, I could ALMOST see glitter and rainbows coming out of that bag, along with the ethereal music emanating a little bit louder with each step.


But the inevitable would eventually come.  With every magical moment, their must be an end. I actually felt bad, cutting up that perfect and magical creature. But I have to admit, it was THE BEST Candy Apple I have EVER tasted!!

Luckily, with Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, they have right to your door delivery service! Which means we can get that magic over and over! They have all kinds of Character Candy Apples, perfect for parties, get togethers or just a magical moment for yourself (check our their website Apples & Taffy: https://www.savannahcandy.com/category/Gourmet-Apples-Salt-Water-Taffy)!  I’m glad we wandered into this candy store today. Out of all the magical concoctions my girls could’ve picked out, they sure picked a good one! Good call girls, Good Call!!




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  1. In the eleven months we lived in Savannah, we never enjoyed anything or went anywhere like you did. I’m glad you got to enjoy an outing on River Street with the girls and the Unicorn was so pretty.


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