Sisters 1 2 3I’ve had a short fuse the past few weeks, my hormones are growing as fast as my belly!  Sometimes its hard to breathe in the fresh air and let out all the jumbled feelings of frustrations.  Sometimes its easier to say mean things to your kids than to be the mature adult and show restraint.  Sometimes,  when we are at the end of our rope, it easier to want to BE a kid, because that means someone else will deal with whatever is upsetting us.  Sometimes, as a parent, you have to do what is best for your children and NOT throw that temper tantrum that can come so easily.


So, today, I have taken another deeeeep breath and reminded myself that my kids are JUST kids.  That they have a TON of energy and just yearn to have fun and to be WITH me! They aren’t intentionally trying to aggravate me by asking a thousand and one questions, they just want to KNOW!  They aren’t going out of their way to make dinner more of a job by begging to help IN EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS (Eggplant Parmesan-beating eggs, battering, baking, grating cheese, layering, baking and washing), they just WANT TO HELP!  They aren’t trying to make me more exhausted by going on a walk down the road, they just want to DO something WITH ME!

Dirt Road Wildflowers

They are the purest little hearts you will ever see.  They have a natural yearning to please us, if we encourage and let them.  They are the best and hardest job, we will ever have.  They are our hearts and our frustrations, the sunshine in our skies and the thunderstorms that roll.

Dirt Road Wildflowers

I look at my girls today and just say THANK YOU to God above.   I feel pangs of sadness at how fast they are growing up.  I worry about their future and for things that I cant control.  I hold them close while I can and make myself be a little nicer than I want to be.  I let them help when they are willing to do so and then make them help with cleaning when they don’t want to.  I’m navigating the same uncharted waters that every Mother before me has had to sail through.


I’m taking pictures of these beautiful creatures because I love looking back on their little faces.  Looking at their pictures makes me smile and memories flood my soul.  Taking pictures has a way of taking us back without the feelings of frustrations that we go through day to day.  We can look back and just be happy to have had them.  So, I will continue taking pictures of my “favorite things”.  And I will cherish them later, just as I do now.


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