Odd, that now I am busier than ever and I would feel compelled to write again after so many months.  As the days grow longer our world is growing smaller. We are being called to stay in place; to shelter at home in order to keep not only ourselves well but others.  It reminds me why my heart and soul is to be out in the country.  Where the fields are now blooming with wildflowers and the dirt roads are littered with fallen flowers, from the tree canopy above.  The sounds and sights of new life are all around us.  The songbirds are hosting my own private choir, singing to me the joys of being alive.  The wind is slightly blowing, along with the perfect Spring temperatures before we are thrown into the unbearable heat of Summer.


Today, I thought was the perfect day to bring something new into our little girls life.  A comforting symbol of good times in the South.  Coca Cola with Peanuts and Moonpies.  Both have a special place in my life.  I was first introduced to Coke and Peanuts by my Uncle Benny.  I’m sure I shared the same  “EEEEWWW!!!” when he first mentioned if I’d ever tasted it, but I still remember that first sip in the Paiges parking lot.  I’m not sure that it was the actual Coke and Peanuts that I loved so much, or that it was shared with me by such a special person. Either way, I have always since then proudly supported that great Southern Tradition.  My girls were definitely excited about the coke and peanuts of our little adventure, buuuuut not so much about putting them together.  They watched with excited little giggles as I popped those peanuts in my bottle; One, two, five, ten….As the fizzles overflowed my bottle, those giggles overflowed into screams and laughs.  I took a big first gulp and chew and said “MMMMMmmmmhhh!!”  And one by one they each took a turn.  Little wrinkled noses and cheeky smiles. Just as they thought I wasnt looking, they were sneaking in little peanuts into their bottles; One, two, five, ten….FIZZLE! “MOOOMMM!!!! LOOK!!!!”

Next were the Moonpies.  I cant specifically remember having these during my childhood, though I’ve no doubt that I did.  Moonpies hold a special place in my memories from when Patrick and I were dating.  Moonpies and gas station cappuccinos.  Every night, after work, we would feast on this unique combination of ours.  We would ride all the dirt roads we could, deep into the night and into the early morning hours.  Learning each others hearts and minds.  Establishing a foundation of love that has lasted many years and prayerfully many to come.   I’ve no RC Colas to put with the moonpies for yesteryear purposes, but I figured a regular coke would do. The girls had no problem digging into that!

So, my thoughts for today are; Find joy in the little things. Make memories or create a sense of peace. Hug those precious littles or biggies of yours and smile.  Smile, because we are here together. And you know what? Thats a wonderful place to be.

2 thoughts

  1. This is wonderful! ❤ We would enjoy this wonderful "treat" on our trips to see our grandparents in middle Georgia!! Thank you for the beautiful reminder of times and people gone by!!


  2. I love Coke and Peanuts. I remember getting Jordan hooked on them as a little boy and now Paisley loves them too. I’m so glad you have introduced your little crew to this southern taste.


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