Exploring new places, meeting new people and ADVENTURING!  It has got to be one of my most favorite things!  There’s a rush I get, from stepping out of my comfort zone, into another “world” away from my own.  Seeing the wonders that God has made on this amazing planet is extraordinary.  I think most people can relate to the thrills of going on Vacation, but what I do hear A LOT is, “You’re taking ALL of your Kids?!”.  This just seems so strange to me!  I mean, OF COURSE we are taking our kids! They’re OUR kids! (Not to say that we ALWAYS take the kids.  Date nights and taking short getaways are also essential for keeping in tune with your spouse, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)  Why WOULDN’T we take our kids on the adventure that we’ve been planning and saving up for, for Months or a year?  It can be the highlight of the entire Summer, or Fall, or Year!  My kids aren’t an “accessory”, they are my life. They are the inheritors of this Earth and I want them to know how precious that Earth is.

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